Contused or Freestyle Swimming Lessons

Contused or Freestyle Swimming Lessons

Artem Savushkin, the rising star of Russian swim team, returns to his home town after a heavy trauma and finds there the depressing changes: the local sport centre is night club now and the youngsters are doing drugs. But for the true champion that’s just another challenge…

Screenwriter: Aleksey Timm

Director: Vladimir Zaikin
Cinematographer: Anatoliy Simchenko
Art Director: German Zaryankin

Composer: Vladimir Davydenko
Sound producer: Alexey Sinitsyn

Producers: Natalya Serova

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Genre: Comedy
Format: Television feature film
Volume: 4 episodes, 320 minutes
Year: 2012

Cast: Victor Horinyak, Maria Baeva, Yuriy Stoyanov, Dmitriy Naghiyev, Mikhail Gorevoy, Era Ziganshina, Mikhail Efremov, Alexander Pankratov-Cherniy, Alexander Mokhov, Maria Berseneva, Andrey Rudenskiy

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