Head over heels - serial

Head over heels

In the Kamorkin family Svetlana is the one who works and Andrey is the one who is looking after the home and the daughter. And that is ... an absolutely normal family. Nowadays there is a total matriarchy and women are strong sex. Nevertheless the problems remain the same – lack of understanding, faith and disputes how to bring up children. So the moment comes for stay-at-home dad and careerist to change their life and understand each other.

Story by: Vyacheslav Rogozhkin
Screenwriter: Vyacheslav Rogozhkin, Aleksey Timm, Vladimir Zaikin

Director: Vladimir Zaikin
Cinematographer: Anatoliy Simchenko
Art Director: Tatiana Devirts

Composer: Vladimir Davydenko
Sound producer: Alexey Sinitsyn

Producers: Natalya Serova

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Genre: Romantic comedy, melodrama
Format: Television feature film
Volume: 4 episodes, 45 minutes each
Year: 2013

Cast: Aleksandr Volkov, Kseniya Lavrova - Glinka, Sophya Hilkova, Mikhail Protsko, Maria Golubkina, Yuliya Rutberg, Olga Volkova, Darya Ekamasova, Margarita Shubina, Vyacheslav Grishechkin, Alexey Shevchenko, Vladimir Nosik

Poster # NAME # - Focus Movie
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